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The ColdFusion (CFML) Conventions Based MVC Framework

  • Documentation is Key

    Buy Book!

    One of the best features of ColdBox is its Documentation. What is a software foundation without proper documentation? ColdBox will always provide you with the latest and most up to date documentation that will help your development team stay ahead of the technology game. With over 600 documentation pages, books and guides, you will be on well on your way to ColdBox development in no time.

    Professional Training

    ColdBox offers professional training seminars and courses to meet your educational needs. Get training from the people who built The ColdBox Platform and take your ColdFusion development to another level. Start Now!

    Visual Debugging & Tons of Samples

    ColdBox Self Documentation Coldbox Debugger Talk about being visual! ColdBox will give you incredible debugging tools and self-documenting features you can never find in other frameworks. Finally, you will get to know what the framework is doing and what your application is doing.

    There are also over 25 full blown sample applications on the ColdBox distribution which is continously growing. You will get a sense of how to build simple or complex applications from these samples.

  • No XML Dialect! Conventions baby!

    ColdBox introduces conventions over configurations; no more XML dialects to dictate your application logic. Write your logic in ColdFusion and let go of those messy and incredibly long XML configuration files.

    Code controllers and conventions will increase your applications' reusability and extensibility. Create several applications within one main application wthout the need to include or separate configurations. Same goes for your views and layouts, ColdBox knows where to find your HTML and how to render it. You can even configure implicit rendering of views in different layouts, thanks to ColdBox's unique layout rendering manager. Long are the days of broken html templates or weird content variables.

    Dynamic Conventions!

    With ColdBox dynamic conventions, you get to choose your desired application layout. You are not tied or limited to specific options; ColdBox gives you dynamic conventions. This will help create custom methodologies with your development team and increase adaptability.

  • More than a Framework!

    ColdBox is more than a framework, it is also a toolkit. It introduces several software application aspects that will help you build your applications faster, debug with ease and much much more!!
    Highlight each icon for more information:

    Some Included Aspects are:

    Model Integration (WireBox Dependency Injection)
    AOP Error Logging & Custom Exception Handling
    SES/Pretty URLs, Environment Detection, Deployment Helpers
    Webservice Helpers & Abstraction
    Feed Parsing and Generations
    ColdFusion & Java Utilities
    Logging Facilities with auto-archiving & rotation

    Aspects are extensible and configurable

  • You said Caching?

    ColdBox provides you with the first Enterprise ColdFusion/Java Hybrid caching solution. You can even configure server settings or override them per ColdBox application. How cool is that! But is it easy? ColdBox makes extensive use of metadata in objects such as handlers, events and plugins in order to tell it what to cache and for how long.

    ColdBox Cache Report ColdBox Cache Panel


    Multi-Threaded & Usage of Concurrency Classes
    Configurable object lifespans and idle timeouts
    Built-in Event Model
    JVM Memory Aware via Soft References
    Multiple Eviction Policies: LRU,LFU,FIFO
    Complete cache performance reports

    Does it have an API?

    Yes, you have a very well documented API to interact with the cache and use for anything you want. From expiring the entire cache to just one item, to doing lookups, reporting, etc. It even includes a reporting and interacting panel.

  • Extensible!

    ColdBox was built with the Developer in mind. You can extend this framework via plugins, interceptors, decorators and much more. You can tap into the lifecycle of the requests and modify them in whichever way you want. You are definetely not constrained.

    Extend Your Applications with Plugins

    With the ability to create plugins, you can extend your application into reusable pieces of code. You can create plugin libraries and even share them with friends.

    Can be cached via metadata
    Have access to the entire framework core via a simple API
    Can even call and use other plugins

    Extend Everything With Interceptors

    You can even extend the framework by creating ColdBox Interceptors that can be plugged in to a request lifecycle, and by the way, they work by conventions! Not only that, you can also use them for your own interceptions. You can use the ColdBox Interceptors to create a publisher-consumer methodology in no time; just announce all you like.

    Persistance managed by the framework
    Have access to the entire framework core via a simple API
    Can even call and use plugins
    Can be configured to fire on custom interception points.