Overview About ColdBox

What is ColdBox?

ColdBox is an event-driven, convention-based ColdFusion Development Platform. It provides a set of reusable code and tools that can be used to increase your development productivity as well as a development standard for working in team environments. ColdBox is comprehensive and modular which helps address most infrastructure concerns of typical ColdFusion applications. It also goes places that other frameworks do not.

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Why ColdBox?

The ColdBox Platform

Author Information

ColdBox was developed by Luis Majano in July of 2006. Luis is a Computer Engineer and is the president of Ortus Solutions, a consulting firm for ColdFusion, Java and RIA software. The ColdBox Framework is a copyright software by Luis Majano and Ortus Solutions, Corp - All rights reserved.

Team ColdBox

The following people are recognized as being part of Team ColdBox because they are involved with ColdBox development, marketing, testing and more. You can see the rest of the people involved with ColdBox by clicking on the following button:

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