Extra Downloads

Below you can find other ColdBox-related downloads. Some of the downloads shown below are already included in the ColdBox Bundle download.



The ColdBox Code Depot is now ForgeBox. Visit it to download plugins, interceptors, samples, CodexWiki stuff or anything ColdBox related. You can even contribute instantly!

Open ForgeBox

ColdBox Refcards

The following are some great introductory refcards about our products:

Sublime Text Bundle

Just head over to our ColdBox Platform Sublime Bundle site to learn how to install our IDE extension for Sublime Text or just download it with our button below.

ColdBox Sublime Bundle

Adobe ColdFusion Builder

ColdBox has its own Adobe ColdFusion Builder extension that will help developers work with ColdBox/TestBox applications with ease. From new project wizards to extreme code generators.

ColdBox Platform Utilities
Dictionary and Snippets

ColdBox Open Search Plugin

Use the button below to install the open search plugin extension for firefox and IE 7. This will let you search the coldbox documentation right from your browser.