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ColdBox is a conventions-based HMVC framework for ColdFusion (CFML). It provides a development standard for working in team environments and a modular architecture which helps you build hierarchical MVC applications instead of big monolithic applications.

Intro Docs   Quick Start   Downloads

If you have CommandBox CLI installed, getting started with ColdBox is as easy as running the following command: coldbox create app myApp


Fully Documented

We pride ourselves in making sure ColdBox is the best and most fully documented software project around (period). You can choose from our intro docs, for beginners, to our full docs for gurus.

Open Source

ColdBox is a professional open source project licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. It is also a commercially supported framework via their makers Ortus Solutions

Modular Architecture

ColdBox is built with modularity in mind. It will provide you with a way to build applications in modules instead of traditional monolithic approaches.



Large Ecosystem

ColdBox has been around since 2006 and has a very active developer community and code sharing repository via ForgeBox.

CommandBox CLI

ColdBox is tightly integrated with CommandBox CLI to provide you with automations, scaffolding, OS integration, and much more.

Integration Testing

ColdBox is the only CFML framework to provide you with integration and Behavior Driven testing via TestBox. You can build applications even without a browser!



Into The Box 2020 Live Virtual Conference


ColdFusion + Java, Modernized!
May 7 & 8 Conferences


ColdBox Internal Modules

A part from the modular MVC machinery that ColdBox includes, it also sports 3 independent modular libraries that will boost your applications with object management, dependency injection, AOP, enterprise caching and logging capabilities.

Conventions Based Dependency Injection and (AOP) framework.

Enterprise caching engine, cache aggregator and API for CFML applications.

Enterprise logging designed to give you flexibility, simplicity and power.